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Driver Testimonials

I love Henderson Trucking because they are very family oriented. I know there are drivers out there that can find things wrong with any company they drive for, but I have to say I have not found it here! I’m very happy with Henderson.

Shelly Burton

Henderson Driver, 2 years

I’ve been with this company for 3 plus years now. I have to say they have done above and beyond what they can do for any of their drivers. Anytime I have an issue it’s always addressed. They keep the lines of communication open. With any company you’re going to have your good in your bad weeks. But I have to say when you have 97% good weeks it’s a company that cares about your Revenue and keeping you rolling. At Henderson they treat you as a person and not just a truck number. We are a family. I wouldn’t trade this company for the world.

Jane & Andy Wolagiewicz

Henderson Drivers, 3 years

As a new driver, I’m glad I chose Henderson Trucking to be my first company. They provide a great training program and the pay is excellent. It’s never a problem with requesting home time. Most importantly I love the family atmosphere.

Te’Layea Green

Henderson Driver, 3 months

I personally started with Henderson 5 years ago. Back when I started I was welcomed by everyone in the building. I’ve always been treated like family with them! When it came to freight it was a struggle at first. About three years ago they signed a freight agreement with Prime Inc. At that time I decided I was going to stick around a while, so I signed a lease on a truck. Working on the reefer division was a struggle. I would have great weeks and I would have really bad weeks. The roller coaster ride was making me ill, so I switched over to the dry division. I couldn’t have made a better decision! My miles were more consistent, I knew in advance what my loads were, and the communication was much better! I started having some personal issues that caused me to step away from Henderson. I hated to leave. But six months later I couldn’t take it anymore! So I came back, jumped back in the truck, and hit the road running! It’s like I never left. Freight is still consistent, communication is still good, and everyone makes me feel proud to be back! I missed my Henderson family! It took a minute to convince my other half of this company, because most people are just looking for that bonus. Now that she’s on the truck running hard along side of me, she now can see where our place is. Henderson is the best I’ve known or ever care to know! Thank you Henderson for making us part of the family!! Let’s grow together!

Stephanie Hogard

Henderson Driver, 5 years
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